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Emergency car light, designed to alert other drivers from any obstacle on the road. It can be placed in several positions for a better visibility. In addition, it includes flashlight to work on the cars engine if needed. Although several utilities are included, its very compact and light. more info

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High quality emergency light, whose function is to alert other drivers in the event of an accident or forced parking on the road.

It can be placed almost wherever you need on the car thanks to its magnetic plate and hook. It can be hung both from the signal triangle and from the window.


  • High quality emergency light
  • Intuitive operation. It is activated by pressing the corresponding button (emergency light mode or white flashlight mode)
  • It emits an intense amber triple flashing light that covers 360°. At night it is visible in all directions for more than a kilometer.
  • It also works as a white flashlight, allowing for operation in complete darkness
  • Thanks to its magnetic plate, it attaches to ferrous metals
  • For optimum performance, it requires high-quality alkaline batteries, such as those included
  • It has an integrated hook to hang it and use the white flashlight with both hands free
  • It has an integrated hanger that allows it to be hung from a car window or safety triangle
  • It is stationary. It should not be used on surfaces or objects affected by strong movements or vibrations as it could fall off
  • It has a 0 90º adjustment angle, perfect to hang it of the cars hood, door and on the floor

2 operating modes

  • Emergency light: Emits an intense triple yellow flash that covers 360o. At night it is visible in all directions from more than a kilometer.
  • White light as a hand torch: to make the person standing more visible. For example: if you want to look at or manipulate the car engine, you can hang it from the hoods car.


Works with alkaline batteries. Those included in the package have an average store lifecycle of 6 years.

Without cables, in order not to be affected their operation in the event of an electrical breakdown.


Authorized, approved and recommended by all competencies in Road Safety.

The authorities recommend its use as a complement to the warning triangle.

This emergency light wont trouble other drivers on the road.

Meets the essential requirements and any other applicable or enforceable provisions of Directive 2014/53/EC, IDIADA PC19110180 certificate.

Resistance against rainy and windy weathers

Multi-position: it remains fixed anywhere

Its magnetic plate can be attached anywhere in the car . It stays fixed on doors, side roof edges, trunk, etc.

It can be adjusted to almost any angle to use it as a flashlight .

In addition, its 2 integrated hooks allow it to be hung on the triangle, on the vehicle windows or the trunk.

Battery replacement

  • If you have used the device, wait 10 minutes before opening the cover. Then, turn the cover counterclockwise
  • Remove the cover from the device
  • Always use 4 AAA alkaline batteries. Once you have inserted the batteries, put the cover back on and turn it clockwise

Technical specifications

  • Color: Yellow
  • Lamp type: High intensity LED
  • Activation: Manual induction
  • Water: IP54 (rain and dust)
  • Resistance: Compliance with the 1 meter drop test
  • Wind Resistance: + 180 Pa
  • Fealment: 4 x AAA alkaline batteries
  • Battery stability: 6 years
  • Usable temperature: -10oC / +50oC
  • Us: Indoor and outdoor
  • Visibility: 360 degrees horizontal, +/- 8 vertically
  • Frequency: Between 0.8 and 2 Hz
Technical specifications
Operational range Visibility: 360 degrees horizontal, +/- 8 vertical
Other features Power: 4 AAA alkaline batteries
Rotation 360°
Battery capacity Up to 6 months


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