Hydrogel protectors cutting machine

The product

It doesn’t need a lot of space, and with a minimal investment we have a perfect solution for any screen protector business. It really is an ideal business model. There is NO obsolescence or sales loss. The machine already integrates all devices information in its database. Plus, its films are universal.

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At first we’ll need to pick the kind of device we want to cut: mobile phone, watch, tablet, camera, video game console and so on. Then we select its manufacturer and model. In around 20 seconds we’ll get our protector ready to be installed.

App’s maintenance

The machine’s app is the most important part of the entire system. A massive database is needed in order to keep up to date with the latest models. We include our app’s maintenance with the film’s supply. Bear in mind we upload new models almost every day.

Hydrogel benefits

Thanks to its flexibility, hydrogel has a better shock absorption than tempered glass. Its durability is also longer because it has no fragile borders like tempered glass has.

No stock problems

Our film’s range is universal. This way we won’t have obsolescence problems and no cumulated stock either, because we’ll no longer have an example for each mobile phone’s model. We will also stop losing selling opportunities for not having a protector for a particular model.


Stock reduction, no more obsolescence, complete service, minimal investment and margin’s maximization.

Low cost

The machine’s cost will quickly be compensated thanks to its low cost and the film’s high profit.

App management

We’ll be able to manage the cutting process via the machine’s Android app. Its use is really easy to learn, besides being a user friendly app. We won’t need to connect the Cutting machine to any smartphone, so there won’t be unexpected software problems.

Customized attention

Our sales people and technicians team will offer you the best solution. Get in touch with us and we’ll advise you about your best options.

Hydrogel is simply stronger

Hydrogel films have proved being stronger and more resistant than tempered glass. They can pass higher falling tests.


2 years’ warranty and 30 years’ experience helping our customers.


This is the best solution at its best cost. Therefore, our clients will also be the most competitive in their market. We supply the best machine as well as the most up to date app.


2 options

BUY 419 € with a 10-pack gift

Purchase formula for the machine, with adjusted price and a pack of 10 film units for free. We also offer its placement pad, its spatula and its cutting blade free of charge. 

RENTING 500 € with 7 10-packs gift

We request the operation with the client's CIF from our financial partner. This offers 36 or 48 monthly options with a very realistic and comfortable amount.


We’ll do our best solving any doubt you may have about our hydrogel’s cutting machine. For

instance, how to install a protector on your smartphone or any other device.

How many kinds of protectors are there?

We are always including new products in our collection. We are currently offering transparent protector, anti-blue lights, anti-brightness, back films with carbon fiber effect and protectors for tablet. Soon we will also have Armor screen protector as well as anti-bacterial.

Are there several models of KSIX Cutting Machine?

No, just our technologically advanced one and only, which includes Android OS, a user-friendly app and an always up to date device’s models database.

Cutting Machine’s included accessories

A cleaning soft cloth, a cutting blade and an installing spatula are included when you purchase the machine.

Printing a screen protector

Printing a screen protector Printing speed can fluctuate depending on the protector’s size, although it normally takes no more than 20 seconds.

Video-tutorials about Cutting Machine’s use

How does the machine work?

Wi-Fi connections

Updating the main Menu

Adjust cutting needle

Protective cut

Protector installing


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