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Smart Energy is a Smart Plug that connects to the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network and allows to turn electrical devices on and off remotely. It also incorporates weekly scheduler and timer functions, to program the plugged device to turn on and off at a specific time.

The Smart Energy Slim plug can be used with Android and iOS devices. Its compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so its possible to control the connected devices using the voice commands.

Remote control

The Smart Energy Slim smart plug can be controlled by using Smart Life and Tuya Smart free apps. The electrical devices connected to it can be turned on and off remotely by using a smartphone or tablet, both Android and iOS.

Programmable power on and power off

The weekly scheduler and timer functions allow to program the devices to power on and power off. Its possible to program a lamp to turn on at night, or a fan to turn on at a specific time.

Energy consumption monitor

The Smart Life and Tuya Smart free apps incorporate a monitor that provides a real-time control of the energy consumption, along with the strength of the electrical current and the voltage. They will keep monthly records to control the consumption over time.

Quick and easy to set up

Its very quick and easy to set up. First, the free app Smart Life or Tuya Smart must be installed. The Smart Energy Slim smart plug must be plugged to an output socket and connected to a 2.4G Wi-Fi network. Once the plug is configured, it will be possible to control it remotely, from any place where there is internet connection available.

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Main features

  • Wireless connectivity to turn electrical devices on and off remotely
  • Weekly scheduler and timer functions to program the devices to power on and power off
  • Energy monitor to control real-time consumption and keep a record
  • Quick and easy set up

Technical specifications

  • Wireless Wi-Fi connection: 2.412 GHz-2.484 GHz
  • Compatible network protocol: IEEE 802.11B/G/N
  • Output voltage: 250V maximum
  • Rated current: 16A
  • Rated input voltage: AC110~240V
  • Alternating current frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  • Operating temperature: -20°C-~45°C
Technical specifications
Compatibility Android and iOS devices, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
Color White
Connectivity Wi-Fi wireless connection: 2.412 GHz-2.484 GHz
Power 110-240V
Inputs number 1 power outlet


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